Raymond Gilmartin Headshot Final smallMatthew Hamilton

Raymond Gilmartin
and Matthew Hamilton,

Raymond is a senior working to complete a Mathematical & Computational Science major with honors and a minor in Economics. Last summer he interned at Bain & Co. He is currently working on machine learning projects at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Matthew is a junior pursuing an Economics major and Statistics minor. He is interested in macroeconomic policy, government regulation, public choice, and the evolution of economic thought.


Matthew Galloway, Associate Editor

Matthew Galloway is a senior majoring in economics. He has a passion for research, public policy, and finance and currently works as an stock market analyst at Gatehouse Capital Partners.

Melda Alaluf Headshot

Melda Alaluf, Associate Editor

Melda is a junior pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. She is interested in development economics, financial markets, and the global political economy. She currently works as a research assistant at the Hoover Institution, studying the origins of political and economic development.


Matin Mirramezani, Associate Editor

Matin is a junior majoring in Economics. He is interested in political economy, development economics, and public policy. He strives to find applications of law and policy that advance social good.

Eric Tang Headshot

Eric Tang, Associate Editor

Eric is a junior from El Cerrito, California and is pursuing a double-major in Computer Science and Math. He has previously worked as a research assistant in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and as an intern in the U.S. House of Representatives. Outside of class, you can find him tutoring at the Hume Center or binge-reading paperbacks on Meier Green.

Mary Zhu, Associate EditorMary Zhu Headshot

Mary is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. She has a strong interest in financial asset management, and has published computational economics research on carbon taxes.

Abeer Dahiya, Associate EditorAbeer Dahiya

Abeer Dahiya is a sophomore and a prospective major in Economics. His interests include politics, behavioral economics, game theory and world history. He aims to utilize decision and data analysis to drive better public policy and private choices to empower the voiceless.


Sikata Sengupta, Associate Editor

Sikata is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Outside of Econ, she loves to juggle, play chess, and watch films!

Tiantian Fang Headshot

Tiantian Fang, Associate Editor

Tiantian is a freshman and a prospective major in Management Science and Engineering. She is passionate about economics and finance. She currently works on a cryptocurrency-related project in Stanford Technology Ventures Program as a research assistant.

Avi Gupta Headshot

Avi Gupta, Associate Editor

Avi is a freshman focusing his studies on computer science and economics. Beyond academic coursework, he loves cooking and playing the trumpet in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra.