Mary Zhu HeadshotIMG_9428Mary Zhu and Eric Tang,


Mary is a senior majoring in computer science and minoring in economics. She has a strong interest in financial asset management, and has published computational economics research on carbon taxes.

Eric is a senior majoring in computer science and math. He has conducted research in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and interned in the U.S. House of Representatives. Outside of class, you can find him roasting vegetables or reading paperbacks on Meier Green.


Tiantian Fang, Associate EditorTiantian Fang Headshot

Tiantian is a sophomore and a prospective major in MS&E. She is passionate about economics and finance. She currently works on a cryptocurrency-related project in Stanford Technology Ventures Program as a research assistant.



Michael Zhu, Associate EditorMichael Zhu Headshot

Michael is a freshman planning on studying economics and political science. He is interested in public policy, finance, and economics. Outside of class, he loves going on walks and reading.



Ivy Manna, Associate Editor

Ivy is a freshman from England, and a prospective major in economics. She is interested in the economics of inequality, microfinance, and public policy. Beyond academics, she can be found tutoring at the East Palo Alto Stanford Academy, and advocating for FairTrade.


Daniel Yang, Associate Editor

Daniel is a junior economics major interested in international macroeconomics. He was a short-term consultant at the World Bank last summer. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, swimming, and sculling in the San Francisco Bay.



Hau Phan, Associate Editor

Hau is a freshman studying economics and philosophy. He is interested in topics ranging from international development and inequality, to the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. Hau loves to watch Hulu, read, listen to Spotify, and facetime friends.


Emily Yuan, Associate Editoremily-yuan-headshot

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Management Sciences and Engineering. She loves econ, finance, and start-ups, and enjoys art, trying new food, and hanging out with friends in her free time!


Bruce Xu, Associate EditorStanford_EconomicsReview_Headshot - Bruce Changlong Xu copia

Bruce is fascinated by all things quantitative, and interested in looking at the world through a statistical lens. He loves to run, hike and listen to good music.


Denise Hui Jean Lee, Associate EditorHeadshot_Denise Lee - Denise Lee

Denise is a freshman from Singapore who plans to study economics and computer science. She is interested in the intersections between economics, finance, and technology. Her hobbies include writing and music.


Karthick Arunachalam, Associate EditorKarthick Picture - Karthick Thiagarajan Arunachalam

Karthick is a freshman planning on majoring in economics and political science. He is primarily interested in macroeconomic theory, finance, and developmental economics. Karthick is also an avid basketball fan and enjoys reading political satire in his free time.


Julia Zhu, Associate EditorIMG_1432 - Julia Zhu

Julia is a freshman planning to study physics and economics. She is especially interested in behavioral and education economics. In her free time, she enjoys crosswording, playing tennis, and making Spotify playlists.


Hongyu Ge, Associate EditorImage - Hongyu Ge

Hongyu is a sophomore majoring in economics and political science. He is interested in comparative politics and the study of political institutions.


Madeleine Fischer, Associate Editor2CC2B8ED-636D-4052-BC95-D96DAFEE9150 - Maddy Fischer

Madeleine is a sophomore majoring in economics. She is interested in the economics of inequality. Outside of class, she can be found working with GSA Network or playing guitar.


Matthew Ding, Associate EditorIMG_0251 - Matthew Huang Ding

Matthew is a freshman planning on studying math and economics. He is especially interested in topics of intergenerational inequality. Outside of class, his skills include listening to too much Spotify and cooking a mean mac and cheese.