About Us

What is Comparative Advantage?

Comparative Advantage is Stanford University’s undergraduate economics journal.

First published in the spring of 2013, the journal now has a multi-disciplinary student staff that receives and curates submissions from universities across the nation to provide you with insightful and topical economic analysis.

We publish two issues each academic year, one issue in the Winter and in the Spring. We are currently soliciting submissions for Vol. 7, Issue 1, Winter 2019 of Comparative Advantage. Starting in 2017, we also publish general interest pieces that are shorter in length on the blog portion of our website. Blog articles can be survey papers, literature reviews, or opinion pieces. For information on how to submit your work for consideration to our editors, please see below, or e-mail co-Editors-in-Chief Daniel Wainstock and Ruru Hoong at dancw@stanford.edu or ruruh@stanford.edu.

Comparative Advantage is supported by the Stanford Economics Association (SEA), a student-run organization, and by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, which researches and publishes at the intersection of economics and governance.

Submit to the Journal

To submit to the journal, please refer to the guidelines on the Submit page. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered for inclusion in Comparative Advantage.

Please note that the last acceptable date for submissions to this year’s edition of the journal is November 30, 2018, and final submissions should be e-mailed to stanfordeconjournal@gmail.com. We appreciate your contributions!